Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Return our passports now! Journalists cry out to UK High Commission

Three Nigerian sports journalists who were denied the opportunity to cover the just ended 16th IAAF World Championships in London by the United Kingdom High Commission in Lagos want their international passport returned to them immediately.
The journalists Messrs Esan Oludare of Complete Sports, Tunde Eludini of Premium Times and Charles Ogundiya of New Telegraph also appeal to the international sporting community to strip Britain of any hosting rights granted it as well as stop future award of such rights.
“It is unbelievable that the United Kingdom High Commission could toy with the emotion and passion of Nigerians who have been denied adequate and proper coverage of the championships,” Esan who is the editor of Complete Sports and has covered eight editions of the championships said.
“Some of us applied as early as the first week of June while I applied on July 4, 2017.The Local Organising Committee for the championships advised us in an email that we should apply not later than July 7, 2017 so that we could get our visas issued before the 29th of July.
“The Championships held from August 4 to 13. As I am talking to you now, the message on my visa application as tracked on the UK Visa Application Centre in Nigeria (Lagos - Ikeja) website this (Wednesday August 16, 2017) morning is that my application is still waiting for a decision to be taken.
“It reads thus: Your application is now with UK Visas & Immigration for a decision. If this is not ridiculous, I wonder what that message connotes, coming a clear three days after the championships ended.
Ogundiya on his part want Britain to be stripped of all rights to host international championships and Games as he hinted that the journalists could consider legal options if the passports are either tampered with and/or are not returned on time to enable them use for other international competitions.
Ogundiya who writes for New Telegraph said: “It is obvious they are not ready to accommodate people who have gone through strict security checks before they were issued accreditation cards. And for crying out loud we are journalists who have legitimate rights to cover the championships in London.
“The United Kingdom agreed not to deny people who have been accredited for the championships the right to participate either as athletes, officials or journalists before they were granted the hosting right for event. It is crystal clear now that they fooled the IAAF.
“'The return leg of the Nigeria versus Cameroun 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifier is in early September in Yaounde and now we cannot plan towards covering it because the UK High Commission is still waiting to take a decision on our application for visa for a championships that ended few days ago. We hope the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs will take up this matter as it is not only a slap on Nigeria but a total disregard for us as human beings.”

I’m indebted to Lagos fans – Omar Assar

For the support he has always enjoyed whenever he is playing in Lagos, Egypt’s Omar Assar believes the fans played a crucial role in his triumph at the ITTF Nigeria Open ‘Lagos 2017’.
The Egyptian who made history as the first player to win the men’s singles title thrice as well as unbeaten in all his participation in the tournament is willing to return to Lagos for the competition.
To claim the title in 2017, Assar beat India’s Sarthak Gandhi in the final 4-0 (11-6, 13-11, 11-6, 11-8). With the win, Assar maintains his perfect record in Lagos, having now won the tournament on each occasion he has played.
I feel very wonderful wining this competition again. This competition is very special for me because it being hosted in Lagos. The fans in Lagos have been very supportive in me claiming the title. So I need to ensure I play very well because many people are waiting to see me winning the title. From the start of the tournament, there have been a lot of improvements among the Nigerians and Egyptians, while I am particularly thrilled with the performance of the Indians,” said Omar Assar.
Assar, who is Aruna Quadri’s partner in men’s doubles, believes the Nigerian would return stronger following his round of 16 exit. “Aruna Quadri and others played really well. But I am always proud whenever I and Aruna Quadri play in the final of any major event because it helps to promote the sport in Africa. Aruna Quadri is a very good player and I am sure next he will make a comeback and have better competition next time,” he said.
Dina Meshref made sure Egypt doubled down on the titles, defeating Russia’s Olga Kulikova in the final of the Women’s Singles. It was a 4-0 (11-4, 16-14, 12-10, 11-6) victory for Meshref, who dropped only two games during the event. It was the Egyptian’s third attempt at the title, and it turned out to be third time’s lucky, having made the quarterfinal in 2014, and final in 2015.
As Africa’s number one player, she kept continental pride and made sure the title stayed on home soil for the first time in the event’s history.

Monday, 14 August 2017

"Playing in any top European league is my dream" - Hadedeji

Playing in any top European league is my dream"- Hadedeji

"I learnt a lot playing against Stuttgart"- Hadedeji


"I learnt a lot playing against Stuttgart"- Hadedeji

Mayungbe Prince Hadedeji is a Nigerian footballer, born and brought up in Lagos. Hadedeji made his way into Germany about five years ago where he plays football as a professional. He has got the potentials, and he seeks more opportunities to play and experience top-flight football in any part of Europe.

How long have you been in Germany and how is life over there? 

Well, I have been in Germany for about five years now and I can say that it has been good all along. Life here is quite organised, it is a society that allows and enable you to become what you want to be provided you have your papers as a foreigner and you understand the language.

Can you mention the clubs you have played for in Germany? 

Since I arrived here, I have been opportune to play for a number of Professional amateur clubs while I still chase the top dream. I have played for T.KS.Z LUDWISBURG,FC MARBACH, and TV PFLUGFELDEN which is my present club.

Where is your preferred position? 

I play outside right or outside left position. I can also play from the attacking midfield role. 

Have you always been a forward? 

I think I will say I am more comfortable in the outside right or left the position. In the club's I played, I've always maintained the role so I enjoy playing from the sides.

Where do you see yourself in the next coming years?

It is the dream of every footballer to attain top Professional level, the ultimate for me is to one day play in any premier Division in Europe. I know this dream will come true very soon, it's just a matter of time.

How competitive will you say the league you currently play is? 

The professional Amateur league here I'll say is far above other European countries in my opinion. The level of organised is topnotch, the team want to win and win well. You just have to be the best here to qualify to the next level without favouritism.

What will you say is the difference between Nigerian football and German football?

There are a lot of differences. In Nigeria, football is more physical, and the facilities are not always available. Look at the pitches in Nigeria, they do not encourage good football. But here in Germany, I can say that you will learn good movement, tactics and you are exposed to sound coaching. The playing turf is also football friendly and the other equipment you need to develop are available.

Which match will you describe as the most difficult so far?

Without thinking too much, I will say the match my team played against Stuttgart. As you know the Stuttgart side is a top division team, so playing against them was quite tough. Although we lost but I will say I learnt alot from that match.

Have you had any trial recently in any part of Europe?

Yes, I was in France some months back for a trial at AS Pagny. All things being equal there is a move in the pipeline that will happen soon, once it is all clear it will be made public.

Any dream of playing in the national team of Nigeria?

Of course yes. It is the dream of every player to see himself in the Green and White colours representing Nigeria. I once had the opportunity when I got called for the up in the junior cadre but then I didn't make it, but I know my time shall come. So if I get an invite, I'll jump at it.

Who is your role model or which sports icon has influenced you the most? 

Is that your favourite sports personality? Without thinking twice, my role model is Thierry Henry. I love the way he used to play in his days, I still watch some of his clips to learn and improve daily in my game. And for my the person who has influenced my life the most, I'll say my dad. He has always been there to encourage and support me in any step I take toward my career.

If you were not playing football, what would you have been doing?

 There something I love too much which is being a DJ. I like music so much and I still try my hands on it whenever I have the time to. 

Which team do you support?

 Arsenal FC has always been my favourite football club because of the kind of football they play. I will also say love good football, so any club that delivers that, I like such club.

Dou you have a nick name?

Some of my team mates here call me Prince Boateng. 

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Eagles Set to devour the Squirrels as Nigeria takes on Benin Republic in CHAN 2018 Qualifier

In any contest between the Eagle and the squirrel in the jungle, the bitting and scratching attack mode of the squirrel is definitely a no match for the vision,swiftness and mastery of the Eagles.

This aptly the describe the scenario of any contest between Nigeria and Benin Republic it should always end in a "no contest" using all verifiable parameters.

But this is football,it's not mathematics and because there is no definite formula to calculate the outcome of a match , The actors have only 90 minutes to decide their own fate as "anything can happen " and 'upsets' is a word synonymous with football.

This will be the setting at the mattew  kerekou stadium by 4pm today as the Squirrel of Benin takes on the Home based super Eagles of Nigeria, in the first leg of the 2nd round of the 2018 CHAN qualifier.

At stake is the ticket to the next African Championship otherwise known as CHAN billed to takes place in Kenya.

The competition organised by CAF exclusive for players plying their professional football trade in their country.

Arnaud Acakpo,A beninoise sports journalist with JIPS sports, believe the Squirrel has what is takes to upset the Eagles over  two legs because the squirrel have really prepared for the competition ' the team has been together  for a long time ,having played seven friendly matches prior to this game against top African side like Ghana,Mali,Burkina Faso ,Egypt and they were to hold their own having narrowly lost two out of the seven  friendly matches played.

" I believe they have a chance against the Super Eagles '.

He went further ,"the fact that the squirrel edged out Togo in the first round of the quafier gives the the needed desire to move on. Confidence is high in the squad and the mood in the camp is to beat Nigeria and make a statement with the match"

The cotonou based journalist continued 'The home based Super Eagles are playing their first competitive match and they barely camped for three weeks ,so am really expecting an upset because our boys are quick on the ball and mentally ready for this match "
He predicted a comprehensive 3-1 bashing of the super Eagles.

Meanwhile the team coordinator of the Super Eagle ,Patrick pascal believe the Eagles have been adequately prepared for this match,and the boys are highly self  motivated to grab the chance provided by this platform to "break into" the main super Eagles squad.

"The boys are ready to take the chance and to prove their mettle and it's a big chance for them to impress and break into the main super Eagles team this is enough motivation for the boys to go out there and beat the squirrel.

The CHAN is a platform that will help their career so they can't afford to miss out of the Kenya party come next year
he concludes.

The coach of the side ,salisu Yusuf says they are only out here in cotonou to make Nigeria proud and which the team is ready to do by coming out victorious on sunday and finish the job in kano by next weekend.

"We love the people and the hospitality shown to us ,it's like a home game for us from to the hotel to the stadium But the most  important thing for us is to make our country proud, we are ready because have what it takes" the unassuming coach concluded.

The die is cast, and the battle line is drawn . The fans will be on the edge of their seat as both teams have only 90 minutes to work the talk while Beninoise will be expecting their first victory ever in against Nigeria while the Super Eagles will love to continue Nigeria dominance and love to extend unbeaten record against the Squirrel to 13 games .

It's ten victories for Nigeria while Benin Republic can only muster two draws since our first meeting 40 years ago when the Super Eagles defeated Benin Republic 7-0 in 1977 in a friendly held in Nigeria and to the last defeat 1-0 at the 2010 AFCON.

The gap between African countries has really reduced over the years but the Super Eagles remain the favorite but can the Squirrel really avoid being devoured ,?

That's a question that will be answered after 90 minutes plus added time of hostilities as the Super Eagles seek to make a mince meat out of the squirrel.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Aruna Quadri predicts a tough 2017 ITTF Challenge Nigeria open

Aruna Quadri predicts a tough challenge as ITTF Challenge serves off in Lagos

Aruna Quadri has declared that the 2017 seamaster ITTF challenge Nigeria Open will be one of the most competitive ever.

The competition,serves off on August 9th and will end on August 13th,parades the best of the finest world's ping pongers at the Molade Okoya Thomas hall of the Teslim Balogun stadium.

Speaking at the venue of the competition in lagos,the Africa champion said that every year the competition is getting bigger so as the stars on parade.

"It's going to be the toughest Lagos open ever judging by the caliber of players on parade,from the round of 32 there will be no walkover,every match is going to be difficult. "

However,the 2014 star player of the year who celebrate his birthday on the opening day of the competition, believe he has what it takes to be the first Nigerian to win the competition and give himself a befitting 28th year birthday gifts.

I have prepared so well, and am hoping on God to crown my effort and am hoping to gift myself a birthday gift on the 13th of August,the last day of the competition and be crowned the winner.

The Lagos open is in 5th edition and as Aruna quadri is hoping to be the first Nigerian has been to win it.

He is ranked 29th in the world,the highest ranked Africa and the number one seeded player for the games while his arch rival,Egyptian Omar Assar ranked 64th.

The implication of this is that both can only meet in the finals.

Aruna defeated asar to become Africa champion at Agadir in morrocco earlier in the year and his performance at the India open makes him the hot favorite to cart away the prestigious men single top crown and cash prize of 42,000 dollars.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Organisers name Kanu, Asare as judges

A former Super Eagles skipper Nwankwo Kanu, is among the three judges to officiate the final of the first ever National Freestyle Football Championship in Nigeria slated for July 23 at the Car park of the Ikeja City Mall.

The event being staged by Feet ‘n’ Tricks International Limited has GAC Motors, a product of Guangzhou Automobile Group Motor Company Limited and the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) as major sponsors.
He was an active member of the Super Eagles from 1994 to 2010, and eventually went on to captain the Senior National team of Nigeria. He has since retired from playing football.

Kanu was a member of the Nigeria’s team that won gold at the Atlanta Olympic Games. In 1993, after a notable performance at the U-17 World Championships, he was signed by Dutch Eredivisie AFC Ajax. He made his debut a year after and scored 25 goals in 54 appearances.

A former European Champion, Daniel Mikolaj, who has consistently positioned himself as one of the Top 8 freestyle football athletes in the world in the past five years, is the head of the judges.
Another African, Joel Asare, who is a two-time Ghanaian champion, will also be one of the judges. Asare represented Ghana in Tokyo, Japan at the Red Bull Street world finals 2013.
The CEO of Feet n Tricks, O’dyke Nzewi, said all arrangements have been concluded to stage a remarkable show on Sunday in Lagos

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

All is set for Copa Rayados as Midas seal Another milestone deal in Greece

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The Participation of Midas football academy at the upcoming Copa Royados,houston texas,received a boost as the management of Midas football consult,the owners of midas football academy has secure a partnership aggrement with a top sports management firm in Olympiacos greece.

The memorandum of understanding which was signed between the management of the companies will ensure exchange programs between the two firms,ranging from kits,equipments,facilities and personnel as well as ease trans -border travelling logistics

The deal will afford Midas football Academy players an opportunity to take their growth and development of their to Europe where the chances of realising their dream of becoming a professional footballer. 

According to the CEO of midas football consult,Bayonle Arashi,the agreement is a reflection of the hard work put into the job by the management and the quest to give the best of exposure for the students of the academy is the motivating favor that will always spurs us to go a mile extra.

In his words "The deal is a reflection of hardwork put into the job and the fact that we want to see more of our players transfer from the academy direct to European clubs makes us to go the extra mile in making the agreement a reality".

The Astute football Administrator also posited that the deal is a consolidation on the visits of Premier League Africa to Midas football Academy camp in Lagos earlier in the year and call on parents to enroll their talented ward in the academy as the academy have what it's take to develop and expose their talent.

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 "The best time to be part us is now and am calling parents to Register their ward now and make the maximum out of the opportunities that come with this new deal,as this is part of the gains of the Premier League Africa visit to our camp in Lagos earlier in the year". He told

Meanwhile the preparation for the Copa Royados is going on smoothly as the necessary documentations and confirmation of players are on going,the good news is that the window to be a part of the competition is still open interested players to be a part of the team.