Wednesday, 8 August 2012


 The FIFA monthly ranking has always been an irony of comedy each month the world football governing body releases the list of best football playing nation for the month as administrators and fans and amazed by the list without having any clue as to why and how their favorite team move up or down the ladder. we present to you the mathematical magic that guide the monthly FIFA routine . Have a nice time reading and dont forget to have your say after reading through

where P=points earned,which will added to points accumulated previously
M=winning an international match
T=strength of the opposition
C=strength of the confederation.
M will fetch 3points and a draw will fetch 1point while I which represent international matches have varying degree of points,friendly matches earn 1point,qualifier earn 3points competition earn 3
points and world matches earn 4 points while T represents strength of the opposition which earn between 1 and 2 points maximum while C represents the strength of the confederation,Euro/South America 3 points,Asia/ CAF 2points while others take 1point. The ranking started in 1993 and team were first ranked based on their performance in the last 4years. But now the format has been modified,on the international matches played in the month under review so any team that do not play any international match in the said month gain no point added to the point the country had accumulated in the previous months.


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