Friday, 28 September 2012



    The bond fc trial that held between 14th and 16th earlier this month was highly successful and successful trialist has since been reaping the benefits, they are now preparing to hit south africa in order to continue their journey to stardom if  information reaching us from the organiser is anything to go by. 
    if you missed the last trial,the opportuinity has presented itself again,with just a token of one thousand naira if  you can find yourself in dubai and get your dream of becoming a pro footballer come to reality sooner than you think. 
    note that only free agent are eligible to participate.

    The following is from our facebook inbox comfirming the above information,i decided to publish it unedited because paraphrasing it will not do enough justice,to the effort of the organiser in their bid to liberate millions of nigeria youth seeking to become a successful footballer.
    • Hello my friend, good day. There is a major opportunity available for players who wish to play in dubai. A player agent has given us four slots and we hope to have trials for that. Initially we thought it would be in the middle of next month, but there is a slight change in the plans. The Agent (Mr ajayi will be leaving earlier than planned) so we need to organize something. We have summoned a board meeting for this afternoon, I will give you the details by tonight.
  • Sportspedal Incoporated
    • Ok. But you dont update me on the last trial,i need to have the report of what went down probably with pix including the list of successful trialist and wat they are to/now benet(ing) as a successful trialist.
  • Bond FC
    Bond FC
    • I am very sorry for not updating you. Let me just give you a summary, 5 players were successful out of 25 players that came. They are now presently in Lagos Training with MIDAS academy in preparation to travel to south Africa.
      I will send you their names and phone Numbers by tomorrow in case you need to call them for confirmation. . .
      I'm sure you will know MFI director, Mr Bayonle Arashi is in charge of their training in his academy.

      This one we have now is going to hold on saturday, for only players within Ondo and Ekiti States, due to the rush. Fee still remains the same N1000. Venue is Akure, St. Peters Unity, FIELD.
      DATE: Sat, 29th Sept, 2012. Time: 8am-4pm

      I will tag you in their pictures, or please send your Email again. A friendly match was played between the Bond FC trialist and the NYSC ondo State, the match ended 2-0 in favour of BFC Trialists, goals scored in either half of the match. A beautiful finish from Francis Ademola, while a beautiful free kick was scored by Yusuf. Further details will be sent to you.



  1. hello mr;
    i am fabinho paulista;

    game against the rowing club, I'm the video player black red uniform of the team, I'm white boots and a white bracelele 9 shirtin the right arm;

    If you are interested awaiting proposal, I am free to play in any
    team, I am striker and center forward left-handed, last club I played with the contract signed here in Brazil was the athletic club vila rica first division here in brazil, but when I'm free and I can travel to any country at any time day and look forward proposed;

    ps: I want to remind you that I have no money for anything ok now, the club will have to hire me for sending me my ticket and all the details about the contract and the journey actually ok if you have interest in working with me call me or send me an email urgently with a concrete proposal;

    I live in the city of sao paulo here in Brazil near the international airport of Guarulhos I'm training every day and you can travel to any country and go play in any club as soon as I ask the Lord to send mean offer as a proposal soon as possible ok await your response and I sent you a copy of my passport and all my stuff, i am 32 years now ok

    my presentation at the ferroviário athletic club in February 2012
    i am player black photo ok:

    Full Name: Fabio Bernardes de Santana

    Nickname: Fabinho Paulista

    Nationality: Brazilian

    Birth: Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo (BRA)

    Date of Birth: 09/04/1980

    Position: striker and center forward left

    Height: 1.76 cm

    Weight: 70 Kg


    1998 / 2000 / 2001 gremio recreational Barueri 50 games 20 goals.
    1999 Athletic sorocaba 15 games 5 goals.
    2001 RClons le Saunier (France) 30 games 12 goals.
    2002 Servette (Switzerland) 10 games 4 goals.
    2002/2003 FC Cologne (Germany) 8 games 3 goals.
    2003 CA Bragantino 11 games 5 goals. A. D. Sao Caetano. 10:08 4:03 games
    2005 Montevideo Wanderers (Uruguay) 24 games 10 goals.
    2006 BC. Bangu 8 games 2 goals / Rome pr 6 games 2 goals.
    2007 rn Corinthians 5 1gol games.
    2008 Osasco 4 games 0 goal / Chonburi FC (Thailand) 10 games 3 goals.
    2009 T & T Hanoi (Vietnam) 10 games 3 goals.
    2009 Wikki Tourist (Nigeria) 6 games 2 goals.
    2009/2010 Azam FC (Tanzania) 12 games 5 goals.
    2010 Athletic C. Izabelense 5 games 2 goals.
    2011 Athletic clube vila rica 5 games 4 goals.
    2012 Ferroviário Athletic club 4 games 2 goals.


    Paulista championship junior-gremio recreational Barueri 1998 / 2000
    Paulista championship junior athletic-sorocaba 1999
    SP Cup champion soccer junior-gremio recreational Barueri 2001
    National League of France / French championship D4 RC. Lons le Saunier 2001
    Tournament champion toulosse RC.lons le Saunier (France) 2001
    UEFA and League Cup Swiss-Servette (Switzerland) 2002
    German Cup 2002/2003 colony-3D FC
    Brazilian championship series B-CA. Braganza
    Northeast-Nautical Cup 2004
    Sao Paulo-Sao Caetano Championship 2004
    Pre-Libertadores tournament and Uruguay-Montevideo Wanderers (Uruguay) 2005
    Carioca Championship Series B-2006 AC.Bangú
    Cup one hundred years of Rome apucarana pr-2006
    Paulista championship series A3-union Barbarense 2007
    1D-Natal Championship Corinthians rn 2007
    Thai Championship 2008-Chonburi FC (Thailand)
    Tournament top-T & T Hanoi (Vietnam) 2009
    Tournament bauchi-Wikki Tourist (Nigeria) 2009
    Championship Tanzanian-Azam FC (Tanzania) 2009
    Para-2D Athletic League club izabelense 2010
    Para-2D Atlhletic League club vila rica 2011
    Ceará-1D Ferroviário Athletic club 2012

    my videos and CV ok:

    My CV:

    you tube: entrevista fabinho paulista

    my facebook: fabio sant ana (fabinho)

    My email:

    my phone in Brazil: + 5511 9 8630 18 88 tim mobile

    best regards;
    fabinho paulista player;

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