Tuesday, 13 November 2012


The management of Remo Stars FC continues to ensure things are in
order has they prepare for the new NNL season.

The Board lead by the Chairman, Kunle Soname paid a visit to the
Gateway Stadium in Sagamu where the team plays its home games and
ensured that renovation of the stadium begins.

The Chairman met with the managers of the Stadium and discussions were
made over the immediate restructuring of the stadium looks.
The stadium which hasn't seen much action since the league season
ended has seen its turf grass over grown and the bushes around the
stadium also.

One of the mangers met on ground Mrs John disclosed that the stadium
will be in fine shape before the leagues season begins.
" As you can see work has started to put the stadium back to a better
look and thanks to Mr Soname who is ensuring that things go smoothly
around here." - She said.

Mr Kunle Soname who is the sole proprietor of the club was glad to see
that the stadium would be in good shape and be ready for the new

" Its good to have a wonderful facility like this to play in and
maintaining it is key, we want the stadium to be ready for the new NNL
season even before the NNL board comes for inspection. So am glad to
see works on it has begun." - Kunle Said.

The Nigeria National League Board are expected to visit the stadium
for inspection before the league kicks off.

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