Sunday, 13 August 2017

Eagles Set to devour the Squirrels as Nigeria takes on Benin Republic in CHAN 2018 Qualifier

In any contest between the Eagle and the squirrel in the jungle, the bitting and scratching attack mode of the squirrel is definitely a no match for the vision,swiftness and mastery of the Eagles.

This aptly the describe the scenario of any contest between Nigeria and Benin Republic it should always end in a "no contest" using all verifiable parameters.

But this is football,it's not mathematics and because there is no definite formula to calculate the outcome of a match , The actors have only 90 minutes to decide their own fate as "anything can happen " and 'upsets' is a word synonymous with football.

This will be the setting at the mattew  kerekou stadium by 4pm today as the Squirrel of Benin takes on the Home based super Eagles of Nigeria, in the first leg of the 2nd round of the 2018 CHAN qualifier.

At stake is the ticket to the next African Championship otherwise known as CHAN billed to takes place in Kenya.

The competition organised by CAF exclusive for players plying their professional football trade in their country.

Arnaud Acakpo,A beninoise sports journalist with JIPS sports, believe the Squirrel has what is takes to upset the Eagles over  two legs because the squirrel have really prepared for the competition ' the team has been together  for a long time ,having played seven friendly matches prior to this game against top African side like Ghana,Mali,Burkina Faso ,Egypt and they were to hold their own having narrowly lost two out of the seven  friendly matches played.

" I believe they have a chance against the Super Eagles '.

He went further ,"the fact that the squirrel edged out Togo in the first round of the quafier gives the the needed desire to move on. Confidence is high in the squad and the mood in the camp is to beat Nigeria and make a statement with the match"

The cotonou based journalist continued 'The home based Super Eagles are playing their first competitive match and they barely camped for three weeks ,so am really expecting an upset because our boys are quick on the ball and mentally ready for this match "
He predicted a comprehensive 3-1 bashing of the super Eagles.

Meanwhile the team coordinator of the Super Eagle ,Patrick pascal believe the Eagles have been adequately prepared for this match,and the boys are highly self  motivated to grab the chance provided by this platform to "break into" the main super Eagles squad.

"The boys are ready to take the chance and to prove their mettle and it's a big chance for them to impress and break into the main super Eagles team this is enough motivation for the boys to go out there and beat the squirrel.

The CHAN is a platform that will help their career so they can't afford to miss out of the Kenya party come next year
he concludes.

The coach of the side ,salisu Yusuf says they are only out here in cotonou to make Nigeria proud and which the team is ready to do by coming out victorious on sunday and finish the job in kano by next weekend.

"We love the people and the hospitality shown to us ,it's like a home game for us from to the hotel to the stadium But the most  important thing for us is to make our country proud, we are ready because have what it takes" the unassuming coach concluded.

The die is cast, and the battle line is drawn . The fans will be on the edge of their seat as both teams have only 90 minutes to work the talk while Beninoise will be expecting their first victory ever in against Nigeria while the Super Eagles will love to continue Nigeria dominance and love to extend unbeaten record against the Squirrel to 13 games .

It's ten victories for Nigeria while Benin Republic can only muster two draws since our first meeting 40 years ago when the Super Eagles defeated Benin Republic 7-0 in 1977 in a friendly held in Nigeria and to the last defeat 1-0 at the 2010 AFCON.

The gap between African countries has really reduced over the years but the Super Eagles remain the favorite but can the Squirrel really avoid being devoured ,?

That's a question that will be answered after 90 minutes plus added time of hostilities as the Super Eagles seek to make a mince meat out of the squirrel.

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