Monday, 23 July 2012

REFRESHINGLY DIFFERENT,an open letter to you

Let sportspedal help you transform that consumer base to a fan base.
            A consumer pay Economic prize for the goods, products or service and shift allegiance to a close substitute goods, product or service immediately there is change in the factors that affect demand and supply but A fan make social investment in a product and he is willing to be identified with the product for better for worse.
            We have proven contents that are capable of building a highly identified, passionate, devoted and enthusiastic fan base that are loyal and resilient even in the face of service failure.
            Our service include but not limited to
v      Sports Event Organizing and management
v      Sports Development through the marketing of teams, Individuals and associates.
v      Marketing through sports Vis-à-vis sponsorship, providing of contents for sponsors, Branding, Tv Rights e.t.c.
v      Broadcasting and publishing – documentary, sponsored magazines, books and web publishing.
If you are not getting the required result from your marketer or promoter, then talk to the professionals call Murphy on 08028971010, sola on 08080656827 you are just one call away from your desired instant result or visit our office @ 6, Sanni Alebiosu street , Iyana Ipaja Lagos Nigeria.
      You can even email us @, or through our facebook page www.facebook/sportspedal.
      We have what it takes to develop a line product/activity with specific theme to promote your cause through sports.
      Thanks, you are welcome.
                                                                  Your’s Faithfully
                                                                  Olusola Adebayo Ismail.

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