Wednesday, 18 July 2012

SPORTSPEDAL UNVEILED; what we are all about

Sportspedal is an independent sports marketing agency that is committed to meeting the needs and wants of sports consumers and maximizing the potentials in the loyalty of sports fans in order to satisfy
our client.
Our vision
To become a world class brand in marketing through sports, marketing of sports and grassroots sports development.
our  mission
To persistently provide our client with highly effective strategies and content to reach their target audience and achieve their desired goals
Our approach
To always be pragmatic and dynamic in providing solutions to the challenges of our client by providing a  result  oriented research and evaluations  in other to provide our client with actionable insight for decision making.
Our services
·         It includes the following but not limited to ;
·         Sports event organizing  and management
·         Sports development through the marketing of teams, individuals, and associations,
·         Marketing through sports  vis ­- a vis  sponsorship, providing of content for sponsors, branding,  T.v  rights etc
·         Broadcasting and publishing ---- documentary, magazines, books and web publishing and sponsored magazine for special events

6  Sanni  Alebiosu  Iyana  Ipaja  Lagos  Nigeria
08080656827, 08063068403, 08028971010,, adebayo

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